As the featured program and focal point of all programs at RNR Stables, our Lesson Program has been created to enable horse riders of all ages to develop and nurture their passion to become skilled and knowledgeable equine enthusiasts in a safe and friendly environment with many other Horse lovers. The foundation of our lesson program is to teach the importance of learning the right way to ride and care for horses, with basic activities to build confidence and allow the horse enthusiast the ability to demonstrate learned skills. We build up from proven basic exercises to achieve higher and higher skill levels as the rider’s confidence and abilities grow.

Our Skills Level program allows riders a measurable platform to develop their individual equine skills using a carefully monitored progress sheet to measure the student’s ability to demonstrate learned skills acquired in our RNR Stables development plan. Our Skills Level programs are Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each Skills level is designed to build on the student’s ability based on their level when beginning the program.

Governed by a three or six-month contractual agreement each Lesson Program is outlined with specific activities and tasks to monitor and measure students Skill level to accomplish either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advance Skill level. Within each Skill Level program, students will be exposed to many activities within the following areas to enhance their equine skills:

  • Riding skills
  • Posture and gaits
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Demonstrate different events
  • Barn care and barn rules
  • Ground manners
  • Care and grooming
  • Sizes and parts
  • Breeds and colors
  • Equipment and tack

Lesson Requirements

In order to participate in lessons, these requirements must be met or your lesson may be canceled or rescheduled:

  • Lessons are available for children and adults over 8 years of age
  • All Contracts and Release Forms must be signed by the participant or legal guardian
  • Beginners must bring and wear their own helmet
  • Boots and jeans are recommended (Riders wearing shorts will NOT be permitted to trot to minimize leg burns and sores.)
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a legal guardian during the lesson
  • All participants must adhere to barn rules
  • All participants must sign a Contract and Release Form
  • All lesson cancellations require a minimum 48 hr notice to be exempt from Deposit
  • RNR Stables management, ownership, and/or staff reserve the right to refuse or limit the participation of anyone posing a threat or scene to anyone or property at RNR Stables

Please note if your day isn’t available on the calendar that means it is already full.

Individual Lesson Plan:

This plan is ideal for individuals who are uncertain of their long term commitment to horse riding and want a trial ride to evaluate there true interest in horse riding. Or, for those competitive Barrel Racers, Pole Benders, Goat Tying, High School Rodeo participants, Ropers, Horse Show, and Play Day participants wanting a tune-up to improve their competitive edge.

Six-Month Lesson Package Plan

This plan is our most economical plan and is in place to allow participants who are committed to a long term plan of acquiring true Horsemanship to enhance their own personal understanding of not only riding horses, but, gaining overall Horsemanship knowledge of care, groundwork, different disciplines, multiple events, trail riding, competitions, show’s, rodeo’s, and, much more. This plan is ideal for participants who show a true passion for the horse world and express interest in horses as a lifestyle.

Three-Month Lesson Plan

Our three-month plan is designed to accommodate participants who may not
be able to commit to a longer plan for many reason’s, such as upcoming vacation,
financial needs, uncontrollable life situations, or, just unsure of their current ability to commit.