Trail Rides at RNR Stables can be enjoyed just 30 minutes from downtown Dallas approximately one mile from Lake Lewisville. Our trail is a beautiful nature walk through winding trees up hills and around our property pond. Designed to encourage riders to enjoy being outside in nature while on horseback our trail rides permit riders to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of city living just 30 minutes from downtown Dallas.


Package 1:

  • Trails at RNR Stables: $125.00/per rider, per hour.
  • Note: 2 or more riders require a 2-week advanced reservation, completed waiver form and $50.00 deposit)
  • Availability subject to available resources and prior scheduled events.

Package 2

Package 2 is available with a two-week notice trail rides can be planned and scheduled at State Park Equestrian Riding Trails at Lake Lewisville State Park or Lake Ray Roberts State Park. Our rides at either State Park is based on a 2-hour minimum ride featuring trails through the Parks with open landscape, winding trails, Lake Shore views, hills, and streams depending on the time of year.

  • Trail Ride at State Park: $125.00/per rider per hour. (minimum of 2 hours per ride)
  • Transportation Fee: $50 to lakes within 5 miles, or $100.00 to lakes 5 miles to 25 miles
  • All trail rides must be scheduled two weeks in advance.
  • All trail rides are lead by an experienced RNR Stables guide.
  • All Trail Rides are walk-trot only.

Important Trail Ride Information

All riders are required to sign the Trail Ride Waiver Release form and demonstrate the ability to control their assigned horse before the ride starts. All riders who’ve never ridden before must complete a 30 min instructional lesson prior to their trail ride and demonstrate basic riding skills. All riders must also demonstrate the willingness to follow all RNR Stables Trail Riding rules to maintain the safety of everyone on the Trail Ride such as “No Running”, No use of alcohol or drugs, no firearms, no horseplay or jostling during the ride. RNR STABLES representatives, owners, and/or staff reserve the right to refuse or deny anyone who cannot demonstrate the ability to control their assigned horse, or, demonstrate the unwillingness to follow rules or guidelines.

  • EACH rider for either package much sign a release form.
  • EACH rider under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign release form.
  • Package 2 requires release forms and deposits for each rider to be received 2 weeks prior to ride date.
  • All riders must demonstrate basic horsemanship skills to control their horse.
  • State Park Trail ride forms and a full deposit must be received two weeks prior to the desired Trail ride date.
  • All State Park Trail rides is a minimum of two-hour rideAll State Park Trail rides is a minimum of two people.
  • A $50.00 deposit is required for each person for State Park Trail rides.
  • All State Park Trail rides will be subject to available resources and scheduled events for RNR Stables.
  • All requested State Park trail ride forms must be received 2 weeks prior to the desired ride date.
  • State Park Trail ride forms will be accepted through email to [email protected], or, regular US mail.
  • In order to ensure rider safety, RNR Stables staff members reserve the right to confirm or deny any participant from any trail ride as a result of failure to demonstrate the ability to control their horse or failure to adhere to RNR Stables Trail Riding Rules and guidelines.
  • If an RNR Stables staff member so chooses, the participant failing to demonstrate control or follow the rules may be lead (horseback or on foot) for the duration of the ride to ensure the safety of other participants is not jeopardized.
  • If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment email us at [email protected].